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Piles surgery and treatment

Surgical and Conservative Approaches for Hemorrhoids at Dhanwantaree Clinic, Bhubaneswar, with Specialist Dr. Ashok Acharya

If you have Piles, be sure to see your doctor to rule out other causes. “Piles Surgery and Treatment” refers to treatments designed to treat hemorrhoids, a condition caused by swelling and inflammation of the anus and blood vessels in the anus.


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Piles treatment usually begins with care, including lifestyle changes and over-the-counter treatments. Additionally, staying hydrated and exercising regularly can promote good digestion and prevent constipation, which leads to hemorrhoids.

Surgical options for piles include hemorrhoidectomy, stapled hemorrhoidopexy, and hemorrhoidal artery ligation. These surgeries are designed to remove piles tissue or reduce its size, relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence.

The choice of piles treatment depends on many factors, including the severity of symptoms, the type and location of the hemorrhoid, and the patient’s health and preferences. A full evaluation from a doctor is important to determine the best course of action. Finding the best piles clinic near me is always confusing. Treatment with best piles doctor in Bhubaneswar at Dhanwantaree Clinic is the way of to get read diseases . We are here to provided best Surgical treatment for piles at good accommodation 

Piles can cause discomfort and pain, and fat is directly related to this condition. Dr. Ashok Acharya is a specialist at our Dhanwantaree Clinic and can provide valuable assistance in the management/treatment of hemorrhoids.

Dhanwantaree Clinic provides laser hemorrhoid surgery in Bhubaneswar with minimally invasive treatment for hemorrhoids, providing cure, less pain and quick recovery.
In summary, piles surgery and treatment involves a variety of interventions designed to control hemorrhoids and relieve symptoms. Doctors can address this problem by adapting to individual needs and often intervene.

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