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Piles Surgery In Dhanwantaree Clinic

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aim of piles surgery

Piles Surgery In Dhanwantaree Clinic

Dr. Ashoak Acharya MS, (General Surgery), is an NMC Registered board-certified surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery. He is one of the leading experts and a leader in his field in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Dr. ASHOAK ACHARYA obtained his general surgery training at MKCG MEDICAL COLLEGE, BERHAMPUR UNIVERSITY, ODISHA – an institution with a rich tradition of surgical innovation. 

What is hemorrhoid or piles ?


Hemorrhoids, or piles, veins are inflamed veins within or in the outer side of the anus and lower rectum. Within the inside lining of the anus and lower rectum, there is a network of small veins; sometimes these veins become wider than usual. Then the veins and the overlying tissue may form into one or more small swellings called hemorrhoids. Sometimes they are outside the anus. There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external hemorrhoids. An individual affected by piles will experience bleeding while passing hard tools.

Both in men and women rate of piles is familiar, mostly piles occur with inappropriate dietary behavior and sedentary lifestyle. Consistent with a recent health estimate in India around 80% of the patients from the age bracket of 21 – 50 years suffering from piles. Piles also are seen among pregnant ladies.

Causes Of Piles

Piles can be caused due to consumption of spicy foods, More force on blood vessels near the rectum, Consuming hard food daily as harder the food harder the stool which puts force on the blood vessels in the rectum and anal canal that results in their swelling and inflammation, Less consumption of water as it makes the stool harder, Sitting at the same place for a lengthy period, Carrying heavyweights

Symptoms of piles

Basic treatment of notorious piles

Symptoms vary for external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. Symptoms vary from temporary and mild, to persistent and painful. In a lot of cases, hemorrhoids happen with no symptoms and the individual may not experience them. In other cases, the symptoms can be uncomfortable and may require treatment.

The Symptoms of external hemorrhoids  are
The Symptoms of external hemorrhoids  are

Piles surgery in dhanwantaree clinic

Diagnosis and Tests

Your doctor will see anus and rectum for swollen blood vessels by putting a lubricated gloved finger or an instrument within the anus with a hollow lighted tube an anoscope viewing the lower few inches of the rectum. To see more of the rectum your doctor may perform a proctoscope.

To look at the lower colon your doctor can perform Sigmoidoscopy and to look at the entire colon your doctor can perform a colonoscopy.

A barium X-ray can also explain the outline of the whole inside of your colon. First, you’ll get a barium enema, and then a technician will take X-rays of your lower gastrointestinal tract.

Aim of the surgery

The aim of surgery is to make the hemorrhoid get smaller or vanish. This is done by:

Surgery can be useful for symptoms that are causing momentous pain, as a doctor can remove the hemorrhoid rapidly. However, the healing time from surgery can be more than a few weeks.

One more benefit of surgery is that a doctor can remove several hemorrhoids in one go.

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